It is recommended to wash the garments after each use in order to protect the fibres from bacteria.

We suggest washing your garments separately. Before washing, reverse the items keeping the stitching outside. Use washing bags, a gentle cycle and warm water (max 30°). Do not use fabric softeners and bleach and never tumble dry. The use of softeners damages the fabric’s fibres and the foams of the pads, compromising their normal function.

There are two main problems that can occur over time--that is piling and deterioration of the fabrics. To avoid piling, do not wash the garments together with gloves, backpacks and shoe covers that have a velcro strap. The piling is not a manufacturing defect.

To avoid the deterioration of the fabrics we suggest washing garments after each use to maintain the quality of the fibres.

Sun creams, oils or muscle heating products can damage the textile fibres of the garments.