3 Virtual platforms to make indoor training, more fun!

So you are stuck indoors and it is driving you mad no doubt. Yes, we are in a very uncertain space and unusual time.

With the government suggesting that we do not stray too far from home, I feel this is now the time where we need to listen. But this article is not about me talking about Covid19. I think we have heard enough and know what our responsibilities are.

As athletes, many of us have a turbo trainer or smart trainer in our homes. I am afraid if you don't there is little chance of you getting one, as the market seems to be sold out.

In this article, I wanted to share with you a high level overview of 3 platforms that you can use to make riding indoors more fun (if that is possible, I am sure some of you might be asking yourself).

All of the below named platforms will require you to download their software.



Costs - $10 USD per month and allows up to 2 family members in addition to yourself

They offer a 14 day free trial

You get to ride on some cool routes like Ironman Kona, Cap de Formentor and Stelvio to name a few. They have an extensive catalog of virtual routes. Definitely worth having a look. Currently they have a challenge where you ride for Italy, and for every person who completes the challenge, Rouvy will donate 1 EURO to the region of Veneto.

It is compatible with both smart trainers and classic turbo trainers.

The website is comprehensive with the ability to sync your data to Training Peaks.

There are also plenty of online tutorial videos to assist you along the way.

 Road Grand Tours

Road Grand Tours

RGT are currently offering their platform for FREE during the Covid19 period.

Cost (when not free) - they have two options. Free and  Premium $14.99 USD per month. For more details on the difference, click here.

They premise everything with Real. Real Roads, Real Training, Real Organisation

The lack of virtual kits etc that you may be accustomed to if you are a current user of Zwift is noticeable. 

You will need two apps - App 1 is downloaded to your phone (both Android and IOS compatible) and is the passport to RGT. The second app you will need to download is to your PC/Mac/Tablet. This is so you can project your app to your screen. Sounds complicated but I promise it’s not.

In their Get Started page, RGT provides you video tutorials to set everything up in preparation of giving it a go.

Definitely worth giving it a try, especially whilst it is FREE



This is most definitely the most popular platform. Zwift has dominated the market and is used by many of the pro triathletes and cyclists across the world.

Cost - £12.99 per month 

They do offer a 7 day trial should you wish to give them a try, that is of course if you are not already on Zwift.

The major difference with Zwift in comparison to the previous 2 named platforms is they also offer Virtual Run. Those athletes who have a run pod and a treadmill in their home will be able to also sync up and run, all on the same membership.

They have very comprehensive online tutorial videos on how to get started with both cycling and running.


So far I have only used Zwift, however over the coming weeks I will also be trying both Rouvy and RGT. The fact that I can ride some iconic roads and also iconic race routes is very enticing.

I will come back in due course and share my thoughts on Rouvy and RGT in greater detail once I have given them both a solid go.

Make sure you leave comments below on what you tried and what your thoughts were. It will definitely help other readers.

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I use Zwift a lot, Rouvy occasionally, but also enjoy FulGaz which is an Aussie based platform :). Will have a look at RGT in the next day or two and see what it’s like.

Fiona Cooper January 08, 2022

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