New Collection ALERT!

It has been quite the year for brands in all industries across the globe. During the pandemic when people were home and couldn't travel etc, monies were a plenty and to be honest, it was a very fruitful time for Stomp the Pedal.

Fast forward 2 years and the world is a very different place. Cost of living is rising, UK is heading if we are not there already into a recession, our energy costs are rising at a ridiculous rate and businesses are suffering across all sectors.

If you are a STP fan, you will have noticed this year that there has been a lack of new collections. Not because of designs, but purely down to market demand, or should I say, lack of. 

There a couple of reasons for this, 1) a lot of the STP community supported the Ruth Astle Collab collection which was brilliant; 2) Tickle me Pink and Spring Blossom received next to no sales. Yes that is right, I am being transparent as hell. 

This indicated to me straight away, people were diverting their monies to other things they haven't been able to enjoy for the previous 2 years, and why the hell not too.

So without running myself into the ground and losing my business, I pulled the reigns in, focused on my race team - The STP Collective and focused on selling items that I have in store.

Well fast forward to the June 2022 and with so many of the STP Collective ladies qualifying for Kona and 70.3 World Champs it was time to get my creative juices flowing.

One of the benefits when joining the STP Collective, is if you qualify for Kona or the 70.3 World Championships, I will gift the athlete a special world champs suit.

This is where I introduce the most stunning design I have created in a long time, Kaleidoscope.

Each year I wonder how I am going to come up with something unique, that epitomises the STP brand values, ethos, colour but I do it, and I love it.

Take yourself back to when you were a child. You were given by your parents this cylinder tube and they said to you, place it to your face, look through it with one eye, and direct it towards the sun, whilst you did that, rotate the bottom of the cylinder.

Your eyes would be filled with an array of magical colours.


This is what this design does. I cannot wait to see the 9 ladies across both world championship races in this, lighting up the race course.

NOW......don't worry because.........

You will be able to get access to this kit via pre order from the 9th September 2022 for 2 weeks.  

Stay tuned for more

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